Specialist Paramedic Job Description

Specialist paramedics works in emergency situations with their training and skills to help patients. Usually specialist paramedics acquire extra training to assess and treat patients and administer medication.

Working Life
As stated before, this nursing job will be dealing with emergency situations. Therefore, the first action that they will perform once they arrive at the scene is to check the patient’s condition. The main purpose is to be able to return home from the emergency scene without having to go to the hospital. Moreover, specialist paramedics should also treat people at home. In more detail, specialist paramedics should also be able to perform, as follows:

  • Take out the tests (such as urine tests) and interpret the results
  • Undertake basic procedures in the home
  • Refer patients to social care services
  • Directly admit patients to specialist units
  • Administer medication, such as drugs, orally or by injection, and perform intravenous procedures under a physician’s direction.
  • Operate equipment such as electrocardiograms (EKGs), external defibrillators and bag-valve mask resuscitators in advanced life-support environments.
  • Perform first-aid treatment and life-support care to sick or injured persons in prehospital setting.

To reach their patients, a specialist paramedic may work from an ambulance or use a motorbike. Furthermore, they can call for back up from an ambulance or from other emergency services. But, not all specialist paramedics work in ambulance or motorbike. Some specialist paramedics are based in health centers or hospitals.

Training and Development
This job will require you a degree, so you will be encouraged to have one when you don’t have.  Usually, specialist paramedics will attend the College of Paramedics. Moreover, you will also need to take some training courses to keep your knowledge and skills up to date. In the College of Paramedics, you will run some courses, conferences and seminars. In this place, specialist paramedics can exchange ideas and update their skills.




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