10 Kinds of Nursing Jobs

Nursing is one of the most important medical jobs in the hospital. They have to be organized and clear headed. In emergencies situation, they should remain calm and provide care as required. Besides, they have to show their emotion but not to be squeamish. They have to show their compassion towards their patients. Furthermore, sick people may be highly vulnerable, that’s why nurses have to play with their emotion very well. If you are interested to become a nurse, you better know what types of nurses that is available. Then, find one that may suit you best.

Registered nurses
Registered nurses are the most common nurses. They exist in all provinces. An RN should take four-year baccalaureate degree in nursing.

A Nurse Practitioner (NP)
You should hold a master’s degree or advanced diploma in nursing, if you want to be a nurse practitioner (NP).

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPNs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs)
LPNs and RPNs should have at least two years practical nursing diplomas from accredited colleges. After that, they have to complete the national licensing exam before beginning a career in healthcare.

Educator Nurse
This kind of nurse usually work in hospitals, post-secondary schools and travelling around to small communities, and educator nurse teaches new techniques and process in healthcare to others.

Geriatric and Retirement Nurse
The older need more medical treatment and fortunately this is part of geriatric nurses to deal with medical and emotional challenges of our elders.

Intensive Care Nurse
This type of nurse will have to deal with seriously ill or injured patient. That’s why they can literally be life savers. Moreover, they also have to work up all night and weekend shift work would also be required.

Mental Health, Psychiatric and Addictions Nurse
Usually mental health nurse should be dealing with patient who have drinking, gambling or drug addiction. They also have to provide support in clinics, hospitals and schools throughout the country.

Oncology Nurse
Oncology nurse treat patient who are diagnosed with cancer. They will look after your health while managing the condition.

Palliative Care Nurse
A palliative care nurse is a nurse that gives healthcare in patient final stages of living. Their main job is to ensure patients experience less suffering and maintaining quality of life, before their patient passes away.

So, which one are you? Have you decided yet? Hopefully the brief explanation above can give you a little information about kind of nursing jobs.


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