5 Tips for Improving Physicians and Medical Staff Etiquette

Every area of life has their ethics; this also works on medical life. In fact, as a medical staff, you should know that employing good manners and knowing the proper rules of etiquette in the business arena/medical arena can really make a difference in how you are perceived by the patients. If your daily work is to perform health jobs, these tips are certainly for you!

1. Don’t let Time Stifle Good Manners
Many patients often complain that they don’t get enough attention and care from the physicians.  This is because they feel that the physicians are not good listeners and therefore, they are failed to give them full attention.

So, if you often blamed as not giving proper attention, you can try this technique. One of the things that a physician can do is sit down and face the patient head on. Using this gesture in conversation will make your patient feel that you are paying close attention to their situation.
However, if an appointment is running long, you can close it politely by asking “Do you have any more questions for me at this time? If everything is clear, tell him that the nurse will come and finish up everything.

2. Forgetting to Meet and greet
Another mistake that often happens is that many staff members forget to greet everyone with a friendly attitude. In fact, this attitude should be maintained and continued during the patient’s visit. For example, as a physician, you have to visit your patient into the exam room, introduce themselves to the patient, let them know who they are, what their position is there, and then also inform them of all the procedures.

3. Don’t pay attention on Your Look
Even though, attitude is the first thing that you should put in mind. But, your outer look is as important as your attitude. This will give perception to the patient about professionalism and sense of solidarity among workers whenever they come in.

4. Ignore the Training
Preparation is everything, so a good customer service and patient service doesn’t happen by accident but by design. So, be serious on your training and forge yourself to be a professional medical staff.

5. Complain about work
It is not a polite act to complain in front of patients, especially if you are complaining about other co-workers. So, it is better to support each other in front of patients.



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