5 Medical Myths that are Scientifically Proven Wrong

You may hear some medical advice gets passed down from generation to generation. You believe it without ever questioning about them. But, with science now you can reveal the truth, whether the advice is the truth or only a myth. If you are curious about what your mothers, teachers, or elders told you, these article might help you. For, revealing facts about healthcare is also part of our medical jobs.

  1. You should drink 8 glasses of water a day

You may have been told to drink 8, 8-ounce glasses of water a day rule. But the fact is humans need 2.5 liters of fluid a day. But fluid doesn’t always mean drink water. It can come from many sources, such as coffee and from fruits, vegetables, yogurt and rice.

In fact, when you drink too much water too quickly, you will get water toxicity, a potentially life-threatening situation where kidneys can’t cope with large quantities of fluid all at once.

  1. Losing most of your Body Heat through Head

If you take a look on US Army Survival Manual’s basic principal of cold weather survival, they will tell you on how you can lose 40-45% of your body heat from an unprotected head. This myth is totally wrong. The truth is you will lose no more heat from your head than any other portion of your body. Any part of your body exposed to the cold will drop core body temperature. Remember, how emergency medical technicians treat for hypothermia? They will apply heat to your chest, neck; armpits and groin not head, right?

  1. Never Dye your Hair During Pregnancy

Even though, there is no strong evidence that show fetus is in danger when a mother dyes her hair during pregnancy. But, an insignificant amount of the chemical agents used in processing is absorbed.

  1. Drink Liquor before Beer to Stay Clear

If you think that this thing will help you to hedge a hangover, you better not believe it anymore. Alcohol is alcohol and it will get metabolized and absorbed in the same way. If you wish not to get hangovers, you better consume less or not at all.

  1. Going Out in the Cold or the Rain will Make You Sick

Remember when your mother called you back inside from playing out door in the cold? The truth is being wet and cold can certainly make you feel lousy, but it doesn’t make you sick. Cold and flu viruses are transmitted from person to person through close contact and we all tend to congregate more indoors when it’s cold or rainy outside. In fact, one study found that cooler temperature can stimulare your immune system.



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