5 Orientation Program Best Practices for Medical Staff

Every medical staff is part of healthcare organization. Therefore, they should understand what is the mission and values. Through a strong onboarding process, you can make sure everyone knows what’s expected from them. By knowing what is expected, ever staff can accomplish their medical jobs better.

Start Early
Don’t wait until a medical staff member’s first day to start onboarding. The organization should reach out to the new employee and start getting them up to speed, once a hiring decision has been made and accepted. This early connection can help reaffirm the employee’s decision to join the organization. The orientation process should begin prior to the employee’s first day of the job,” says Kristy Taylor, founder of Heka Healthcare consulting. “They should be contacted by their direct supervisor, who will provide them with a warm welcome and insight into the day-to-day operations of the business and initial expectations.”

Put Your Values into Action
As mission and values of healthcare organization is terribly important, so your medical staff should be on the front line to put those values into action. They should integrate their values with patient care. For examples, you can use a checklist to make sure that every value is baked into every step.

Take It in Stages
There are so many things that you can learn from in healthcare organization. For new medical staff members, this can be overwhelmed sometimes. Therefore, to avoid any members get encouraged, establishing different phrases of orientation. This can leverage their learning speed without overwhelming them all at once. In fact, this technique gives all new employees a one-page plan of expectations.

Provide a Mentor
Experts say that mentoring is a great way to get medical staff members up to speed in their new positions. Therefore, pairing new staff members with veteran providers can help them study everything they need to learn quickly. Besides, this person can help answering any questions that the new employee may have if the direct supervisor is not there.

Be Consistent
Consistency is absolute in healthcare, so incorporate that into your own orientation. Nevertheless, with the help of technology, you can ensure everyone is on the same page. In fact, you may need to automate as many of the training tasks as possible through the use of a good learning-management system. Besides, by having the right software, employee will have some flexibility as to how they navigate the orientation process.  Your staffs will surely learn many things as they learn the new processes.


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